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July 24, 2016

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Salena Zito, contributor - 08/17/16 03:24 PM EDT

OPINION | No evidence of a trickle down effect from Trump-Clinton race

Keith Rosenkranz, contributor - 08/17/16 10:38 AM EDT

OPINION | Uninformed electorate, elite media lead to two bad choices

Kahlil Byrd, contributor - 08/17/16 07:15 AM EDT

OPINION | Independent gaining credibility as alternative to Trump, Clinton

Lisa Hagen - 08/16/16 06:57 PM EDT

Some voters can cast their ballots almost a month before the traditional election day.

Julian Hattem - 08/16/16 01:57 PM EDT

It's unsettled whether the emails will be out by Election Day.

Arie Kapteyn and Dan Schnur, contributors - 08/16/16 01:15 PM EDT

OPINION | Technology, human tendencies, make accurate polling a challenge

Jeff Hunt, contributor - 08/16/16 10:22 AM EDT

OPINION | Trump taps into feelings of those left behind by establishment politics

Frank C. Girardot - 08/16/16 08:15 AM EDT

OPINION | On Donald Trump, Sean Hannity’s intentions couldn’t be clearer. 

Kristin Tate, contributor - 08/16/16 06:07 AM EDT

OPINION | Trump can win millennials with focus on radical Islamic terror

Niall Stanage - 08/16/16 06:00 AM EDT

GOP skeptics say the GOP nominee has little time left to straighten out his campaign. 

The Hill staff - 08/15/16 04:01 PM EDT

The GOP presidential nominee addresses foreign policy to supporters in Youngstown, Ohio

John M. DeMaggio, contributor - 08/15/16 03:06 PM EDT

OPINION | Fight to preserve the political establishment goes to new lengths

Patrick Maines, contributor - 08/15/16 11:15 AM EDT

OPINION | Hypocrisy clothed in idealism is still hypocrisy

Richard Kirsch, contributor - 08/15/16 08:03 AM EDT

OPINION | Her fairness-equals-growth message resonates across the political spectrum.

Joe Concha - 08/15/16 05:58 AM EDT

OPINION | Media mailing it in pertaining to attempts at objective coverage

Ben Kamisar - 08/14/16 08:00 AM EDT

GOP strategists say that failing to have a ground game in those states is risky.

Jonathan Easley - 08/13/16 11:50 AM EDT

“He’s in big trouble right now,” said GOP strategist Ron Bonjean.

Scott Wong - 08/12/16 09:48 PM EDT

The former president promised Hillary Clinton would address their "distinctive needs." 

Reid Wilson - 08/12/16 04:50 PM EDT

Voters in four states will decide ballot measures relating to gun control this November.

Patrick Tomlinson, contributor - 08/12/16 12:10 PM EDT

OPINION | Third party presidential runs are appealing, but can't achieve real political gains. 

Armstrong Williams, contributor - 08/17/16 01:02 PM EDT

It is typical to expect campaigns to experience ups and downs. From a historical perspective, you...

Travis Hale, contributor - 08/17/16 08:02 AM EDT

OPINION | Support for their nominee, the former casino baron Trump, continues to erode.

Niall Stanage - 08/17/16 06:00 AM EDT

Trump alluded to a purported lack of vigor on Clinton’s part last week.

Charlie Bruner, contributor - 08/16/16 04:45 PM EDT

OPINION | Convention talk must lead to real bipartisan dialogue on issues

Joe Concha - 08/16/16 01:52 PM EDT

Who will moderate this year’s presidential debates?

Stephen Seufert, contributor - 08/16/16 12:42 PM EDT

OPINION | Toomey should take cues from other notable Catholics on Trump

Roger Stone, contributor - 08/16/16 09:27 AM EDT

Donald Trump has said publicly that he fears the next election will be rigged. Based both on...

Frank C. Girardot - 08/16/16 08:15 AM EDT

 OPINION | On Donald Trump, Sean Hannity’s intentions couldn’t be clearer.

Amie Parnes and Jordan Fabian - 08/16/16 06:00 AM EDT

Clinton's campaign isn't giving up on white men, but it isn't counting on them either.

Lisa Hagen - 08/15/16 06:31 PM EDT

Guccifer 2.0 strikes again.

Julian Hattem - 08/15/16 03:27 PM EDT

Republicans claim that Clinton lied under oath about her private email system.

Julian Hattem - 08/15/16 12:29 PM EDT

"There should have been a full investigation," the Green Party nominee said.

Bradley A. Blakeman, contributor - 08/15/16 09:21 AM EDT

OPINION | A winning campaign is all about the calendar, messaging and numbers.

Ron Faucheux, contributor - 08/15/16 06:52 AM EDT

OPINION | Clinton tops national polls and her path to 270 is much easier.

Lisa Hagen - 08/14/16 10:30 AM EDT

Democrats hope Hillary Clinton's poll numbers will help down-ballot races.

Jonathan Swan - 08/13/16 04:13 PM EDT

Florida is a must-win, but Trump's setup in the state is sparse. 

Niall Stanage - 08/13/16 06:04 AM EDT

Hillary Clinton is keeping a negative focus on Donald Trump in her campaign ads.

Mark Weisbrot, contributor - 08/12/16 05:51 PM EDT

OPINION | Amidst the fascination with Trump, it's easy to miss what is really significant.

Brent Budowsky, columnist, The Hill - 08/12/16 02:41 PM EDT

OPINION | It's one way to explain his repeatedly self-destructive behavior.