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June 16, 2016

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A weird mess but still watchable for morbid B-movie lovers.

Author: insomniac_rod from Noctropolis
9 June 2004

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Finally I found this hard to find cheap Slasher flick. I watched it for the first time on USA NETWORK several years ago, and it stayed in my memory to these days. I explored the catacombs of a rare video store after digging and getting dust all over me, I found it under the title "The House Of Horror".

"Doom Asylum" is a Slasher flick that you have to watch it with very low, (I mean VERY low) expectations because it offers the minimal entertainment for fans of the subgenre. You have to choices: The first is to watch it as a very low budget spoof of Slasher flicks or as a low budget straight Horror flick. You get gore, a deformed killer, sharp instruments to perform kills, hot chicks in bikinis, a cheesy soundtrack, and a very creepy asylum.

The death scenes are as cheesy as you want, probably made by an amateur f/x artist. Although I love the drill kill(come on! in slow motion you can see how the drill has a tube that pumps fake blood as it makes pression with the guy's forehead) and the slashed face death; both scenes are extremely cheesy and laughable. I won't even get into the other death scenes because there's almost no production value or even decent fake blood. As a hint, check out when "Mr. Killer" cuts a guy's toes but before doing it, he smells his shoes.

There's a lot of black humor in the parody scenes. For example, when the black guy finds the black punk girl both fantasize about running in a green valley and then start to make out and simulate sex. Other example is the scene where the (at the time) survivors go to a chapel and pray for their dead friends! while a maniac is on their hunt. Now that I think, the whole movie is a joke! every scene has some humor , involuntary or not.

There are many goofs to laugh about. For example, on the beginning after the supposedly "fatal" car accident, you can see that the Mrs. La Rue's arm is hidden under grass! to produce a visual effect where the audience is supposed to believe that she lost her hand. Also, the killer doesn't seems to be badly burned and even moves without problem; seconds later he appears in the morgue horribly burned. The two main heroines are extremely hot! beautiful, sexy. I really cared for them. That could be a reason to watch the movie. Although there are many reason for not watching it. The killer spends almost 10 minutes of the movie watching black and white movies from Tod Slaughter! Also, the killer looks like a different person on several scenes. First, the make up makes him look like Leatherface, and then like Freddy Krueger (in half of the movie). Well I bet that filming lasted for 3 days.

Something to notice about is that the movie's events take place ONLY in the day. There aren't any night scenes, no budget for lightning?! Anyways, I haven't seen that in any other Slasher flick.

The movie has no plot. You just see the teens getting killed by the deranged coroner. What really got me about "Doom Asylum" are it's WEIRD dialogues. Check out for lines including Mickey Mantle, Ronald Reagan, the right to choose political preferences, incest, and the weird ending dialogue between the Coroner and his ex lover's daughter. The ending. Oh well, one of the worst in cinema's history. You need to watch it to believe it.

I may be out of my mind, but I recommend "Doom Asylum" if you want to laugh about it because all of it's goofs and weirdness. Grab a pack of chips, coca cola, and enjoy this ultra low budget. A hidden gem and almost impossible to find.

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Perhaps the greatest B movie ever created

Author: Shadow_Destiny
6 July 2002

It is the holy grail of B movies! The acting is sad, but that only adds to the laughs! Effects? Well in the opening scene where a girl loses an arm, you can clearly see her arm "hidden" under some hay. Which only adds to the laughs! And such classic lines as "But, mom! That would be incest!", "I voted for Reagan", and "I hate rap music!!" You would just have to see the movie to really appreciate these lines! If you see it to rent/buy/steal whatever... PICK IT UP!

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after you watch this movie, you'll be doomed

Author: Insomniac_moviefan
19 July 2002

hey! it's slasher 80's fun, I agree with the guy that said that this is pure Friday entertainment, we have gore, a deformed killer, some hot chicks, and creepy settings. One thing that creeped me out, is the way this killer uses the instruments to kill,, it's so primitive! Don't be fooled by the box of the film, though it looks stupid, and the killer seems to be a joke, the movie is not that terrible. It's a baaaaaaaad movie, but after you watch you can say , that you can watching ANYTHING. Just recommended for true slasher fans!!!

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Best Suited for members of an Asylum

Author: joehed from New Jersey
5 March 2000

What a smoker. Actually this movie was pretty funny. The acting and make up job was so bad that you couldn't help but slap your knee and giggle like a third grader. This isn't a film that will scare you, or win an Oscar for that matter, but it's totally Friday night entertainment.

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A fun splatter movie on a budget

Author: basschick from l.a. california
1 April 2004

doom asylum does not take itself seriously, and if you accept it for what it is - a comedy/splatter movie without a major studio or bank loan in sight, it's pretty good.

true, the "blood" is mighty watery, but if you enjoy the typical teen slasher movie, this satire might keep you laughing at the stereotypes and good, clean blood-splattering fun. what better way to spend a saturday evening than hanging out with your friends watching people get hacked up in an asylum?

this movie is not for everyone, but if you either love movie send-ups or horror/schlock, i recommend it.

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I Was On the Set While they Filmed this in '87

Author: dmymu02 from United States
30 June 2005

As a boy growing up in NJ I had the privilege of knowing one of the crew of this film and living 20 minutes from Essex County where this now demolished asylum once stood. Back in 1987 we got to see them filming the part where they were praying in the chapel of the asylum. I remember the killer Mitch scared the bejesus out of me as a kid and I think I even had some nightmares. That old asylum was damned creepy and there was a lot of supernatural presence. Today my brother and I still have the autographed photograph of the actor who played the killer. I'm 26 now and I'm a die-hard fan of the genre for those that want to talk horror movies, you know how to reach me!


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Doom Asylum - Great horror/slasher spoof

Author: basschick from l.a. california
27 August 2003

i love doom asylum. i enjoy the concept of the abandoned asylum, and the characters remind me of "return of the living dead". even though the blood in the slashing scenes is so thin that i found myself REALLY wondering about their budget, it's fun.

it hits almost every slasher stereotype dead on. if it isn't a deliberate horror parody, it can certainly be viewed as such. great friday night viewing.

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Bad, but worth a look

Author: chriscuomo from Alabama
14 October 2002

Filmed on location at the long-abandoned (and since demolished) Essex County Sanitorium in Verona, NJ. The film boasts some incredibly creepy atmosphere. The asylum itself is the real monster here, enormous, labyrinthine, scarred by neglect and vandalism, and scary even when filmed in broad daylight. This could have been the perfect locale for a low-budget horror classic. Give the producers THAT much credit. All that great scenery is squandered on another witless rundown of '80s slasher cliches. The special effects are nothing special either. As for Essex County Sanitorium, you may have seen some of the smaller buildings were used in episodes of the Sopranos. For a far better, but far from perfect abandoned asylum flick, see Session 9 with David Caruso.

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horror movie art for us sarcastic-types

Author: Megan () from Ipswich, Mass
19 August 1999

[please read the following allowing for sarcasm:] Doom Asylum is a work of art. This movie combines all the cliche necessities of an 80s horror movie; the sexpot, the un-dead psycho-killer, the abandoned mental hospital, the teen leather dominatrix band... a classic, it's the sleeper hit of the 80's! It's a must-see...! Seriously though, take it lightly (i stress that) and you'll laugh til you squirt things from your nose. --if you like this... see Chopping Mall!--

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One the best bad movies I have seen

Author: SpookyT from New England
17 December 2003

I am somewhat of a fan of bad horror movies. A guilty pleasure, I suppose one would call it. I love this movie. The first time I rented it, someone had taped over all but the first half hour. So I saw just enough to hook me into a several year hunt for the full video. When I saw it I was elated to find a movie that didn't take itself at all seriously. The people who made this movie KNEW it was bad and they didn't care.. why? Because it's FUN!!! The 'evil' character in this movie has the most wonderful comedic lines as he commits his villainy. The other characters are totally stereotypes taken from every slasher movie made. I suggest everyone who is a fan of offbeat B (okay it's probably a v) grade movies, check this out.

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