Elements and principles of design

Editors' review

February 12, 2019

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We are living in an age that demands that we must have God's power to survive and that power is released through the manifestation of the anointing. The anointing is the oil of God that flows from His presence. It is the overflowing of the divine life, which has been consecrated, and set apart to effectively impart the light, life and fragrance of God's Word into the lives of others. The anointing is the expression of God's supernatural power to carry out what is being done. There are different kinds of anointings and grace levels. There is an anointing for war, an anointing to build, an anointing to be an administrator etc. There are many other anointings in the body.

In this powerful book, Dr. Tetsola reveals how you can recognize and effectively release and walk in your level of anointing to accomplish the purpose of God upon your life.

Some of the chapters in the book are:

  • The different anointings and grace levels
  • How to increase your specific level of anointing
  • How to release the anointing from your spirit to produce results