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February 24, 2019

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Ben Reeve Lewis

[Ben Reeve Lewis is out and about …) I was out with two different councils in the week on multi-agency operations in overcrowded and unlicensed HMOs. Different HMOs One in West London and one in East London and I was struck by the local variations. East London, like my old stomping ground of Lewisham in […]

checking a tenancy agreement

Here is a question to the blog clinic from Peter (not his real name) who is a tenant Prior to signing a one year AST I asked the agent for a copy of the draft contract, which I read and it was similar to my contract at a different property. The contract was for 1 […]


Ben Reeve Lewis continues on his quest … Where we are now in the process Having spent weekends scouting out the East Midlands for a prime bit of relocation for me and the Frazzster we have moved onto the next stage – doing the house up for sale. I decided some time ago to stop […]