Editors' review

June 13, 2016

Download CISCO KID DOUBLE FEATURE Vol 1: South Of Rio

South of the Rio Grande
The Kid (Duncan Renaldo) masquerades as a government inspector in this pleasant, and pleasantly tuneful, Cisco Kid series entry. Learning that his old friends have been killed and Manuel Gonzales (Tito Renaldo) wrongly accused of cattle rustling by corrupt district officer Miguel Sanchez (George J. Lewis), the Kid assumes the identity of the murdered government official. In town, Cisco discovers Manuel's sister, Dolores (Lillian Molieri), whom Sanchez is brutally forcing to sing for her supper, but using his usual cunning and with a bit of help from sidekick Pancho (Martin Garralaga) and jealous cantina girl Pepita (Armida), our hero soon gets the goods on the villainous district officer and his chief lieutenant Torres (Francis McDonald). A rather obviously dubbed Renaldo joins Armida, Lillian Molieri and The Guadalajara Trio in warbling "Adios Amor", by Louis Herscher and J. Castelleone), and a couple of standard Spanish ballads. Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

The Girl from San Lorenzo
In their last feature film, the Cisco Kid (Duncan renaldo) and Pancho (Leo Carrillo) come up against a vicious gang who is robbing stagecoaches in their likenesses. But when the latest holdup injures driver Jerry Todd (Bill Lester), the real Cisco and Pancho make sure that the youngster gets medical treatment, much to the surprise and gratitude of his intended, Nora Malloy (Jane Adams), who agrees to help set a trap for the real culprits. Filmed at Pioneertown, a popular movie location just east of Los Angeles, The Girl From San Lorenzo was the last of producer Philip N. Krasne's Cisco Kid feature films for United Artists. It was followed by the 1950-1956 television series, again produced by Krasne and starring Renaldo and Carrillo. Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi