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February 18, 2019

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Sep 7, 2008

Co-Sponsored by The ElijahList

We are supposed to be in a continuous supply of the Holy Spirit, moment by moment, day-by-day, because the oil is flowing freely into [you] the candlestick. Christ is the light that dwells in the candlestick, but the oil of the Spirit ignites and fuels the light and life of the Lord. We must anticipate the constant need for new oil, for the journey, the wait, and the need. It is our desire that the Body of Christ be prepared, filled and fired up at all times, with fresh oil, to carry out His assignment for their lives.

Phone: 732-283-5440
Fax: 908-709-0331
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Rev. Paulette Polo is the founder of Mantle of Power - Paulette Polo Ministries, having its home base in New Jersey. Paulette Polo Ministries is a full-time ministry that was birthed as a result of several years of prayer.

The voice of this ministry speaks with great authority that comes as a result of endless hours in the presence of Jehovah. The Spirit of God uses Paulette to speak at numerous churches, (of all denominations) conferences and summits stateside, releasing encouragement to leadership, and healing to the Body of Christ. God has placed upon her a cutting-edge anointing that allows her message to come forth in freshness that penetrates deeply into the hearts of the hearers.

The emphasis of Mantle of Power Ministries is a steadfast Faith, a "can do" attitude with a prophetic flair, that will enable the Bride of Christ to be made ready and presentable. Through the dynamics of this ministry the lives of those she touches are truly being challenged and changed by God?s glory!

Shawn Bolz has been in ministry since 1993, speaking at conferences, schools, and television programs, all with a heart for training and equipping people in their lives to further pursue God, and mentoring people in their spiritual development.
In October 2006, he founded Expression58, a missions base focused on training and equipping, the creative arts, the poor, and loving people in the entertainment industry. The base is now located in Culver City, California.

Shawn has written two books: The Throne Room Company, and Keys to Heavens Economy, An Angelic Visitation from the Minister of Finance. He has also written articles for Streams AWE Magazine, the ElijahList, Morning Star Journal, Voice of Today Magazine, and WhiteDove Ministries monthly online newsletter from 2003-2006, and many other Christian publications.

Bob Jones seems to walk with the Lord both day and night, and the supernatural is an everyday occurrence to Bob. As Bob begins to minister prophetically to an individual the Lord moves through Bob, touching on their past wounds, present circumstances, and future dreams that they may be made whole. "I just tell them what the Lord reveals to me," Bob says. The greatest strengths of Bob's ministry today are in the areas of revelation, power over the enemy and creative miracles.

Stacey Campbell speaks with a prophetic voice to this generation and has a passion to teach Believers to know how to hear the voice of God through proper teaching and strong values. She is the founder and facilitator of the Canadian Prophetic Council, and serves as an honorary member of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, presided over by Dr. Peter Wagner and Cindy Jacobs. Stacey has been ordained by Dr. Bill Hammond and is on the apostolic team of Harvest International Ministries (H.I.M.) under Che Ahn.

Stacey and her husband Wesley are the founders of 'New Life Church' and 'Praying The Bible International.' They are producers of the "Praying the Bible" CDs and co-authors of the Praying the Bible books. As well as being involved in the current prayer movement, they have also founded "Be A Hero" to promote the cause of social justice worldwide ( In addition, Wesley is an active director of a mercy organization called 'Hope for the Nations' which works with 'children at risk.' As conference speakers, they have ministered in over 45 nations.

The Campbell?s live with their five children in Kelowna, B.C., Canada.

Heather Clark and her husband Nolan live in Kamloops BC where they live with their 4 children. Heather is a 12-time recording artist, itinerant worship leader, and author.

She has a heart for leading people into the reality of the presence of God, seeing people free and healed while dwelling there.

Seeing women come into wholeness and happiness is also close to her heart. It is this passion that caused her to write her book "How Do Women Do It All?"

Thursday November 6
6:00 PM Registration
7:30 PM Session 1

Friday November 7
9:00 AM Registration
10:00 AM Session 2
2:00 PM Session 3
7:30 PM Session 4

Saturday November 8
10:00 AM Session 5
2:00 PM Session 6
7:30 PM Session 7

Schedules are subject to change without notification.

Please DO NOT CONTACT the church as the facility is only being utilized for the conference & the church cannot offer any additional info.

Calvary Tabernacle
a/k/a Harvest Training Center
69 Myrtle Street
Cranford, NJ 07016

Door registration is based upon availability
Full Conference $65.00
Daily Rate: $35.00
Door Registration $85.00

There is a $25 cancellation fee on cancelled registrations up to one month prior to the conference. No refunds issued after this date

Partners receive 10% Discount
Cut off Date November 1, 2008
Phone: 732-283-5440
Fax: 908-709-0331
Registration Online:

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