NCIS - The Complete Fifth Season

Editors' review

February 25, 2019

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A race-car driver falls for a pretty swimming instructor who wants him to slow down his career.

Sports car enthusiast Lucky Jackson defeats Italian champion Count Elmo Mancini, who then asks Lucky to drive for him. Lucky refuses and plans to get a new engine and race his own car in the Las Vegas Grand Prix. When Lucky and Mancini arrive in Las Vegas, they are both attracted to Rusty Martin, a hotel swimming instructor. Lucky loses his money when he is pushed into a pool, and he takes a job as a waiter in order to pay his bills. Rusty, falling in love with Lucky, tries to persuade him to give up racing, and she flirts with Mancini to make Lucky jealous. Lucky enters the hotel talent contest but only ties with Rusty. Instead of the necessary cash, Rusty receives a pool table and Lucky, a honeymoon. Hours before the Grand Prix, Rusty's father, who has always been interested in racing, secretly borrows the money for Lucky. Mancini's car crashes, and Lucky goes on to win the race and marry Rusty. Performers and additional songs : "Yellow Rose of Texas," "What'd I Say," "I Need Somebody To Lean On" (Lucky); "My Rival" (Rusty); "The Lady Loves Me" (Lucky and Rusty); "The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You" (Lucky and chorus); "The Climb" (quartet).